Key Features

The aim of StoreSeen has been to address fundamental barriers which have stopped retailers from setting up an online web store. Namely:


StoreSeen comes pre-loaded with product from your sector allowing you to very quickly populate your online store with hundreds of product, saving a vast amount of time and money on data entry.


StoreSeen works on a totally different cost structure to most ecommerce developers. We charge a low development cost and an ongoing cost based on the sales on your site, in other words we only make money if you are making money. We therefore have a vested interest in making your site work.


StoreSeen has been developed as a secure web based system which means there is no disruption to your business in terms of setting up PC's or software.


Because StoreSeen is web based all you need to operate our system is a PC with an internet connection, that's all!

Lack of Ecommerce Knowledge

All the retailers we deal with know their business inside and out but most are unfamiliar with ecommerce and setting up an online store. As our cost model is based on success we are there to offer assistance and guidance in the process and our user-friendly interface as been developed with techno phobic's in mind.

Changing Internet Trends

We believe that the development of a website should be an organic one, therefore our system is constantly evolving and expanding to fit the requirements of today's retailers and customers. Our cost structure and web-based system means that as we develop new functionality and accommodate new internet trends, these changes and improvements will occur automatically and without additional cost to you.

Key Features

  • Professionally designed site
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Product data & images available from key suppliers
  • Integrated with Google Product Search
  • Automatic email confirmation of orders and dispatch
  • Built in reports including printing of invoices and packing lists
  • Secure online payment via payment service providers

Full List of Features