How long does it take to create a retail website and be up and running ready to take orders?

Typically we will have the site designed and ready for product upload within three weeks.  We will also help you with arranging to take payments with your current bank provider.  After the site is complete you are then free to browse the product data from the key suppliers to your sector and simply select the products you want to display and sell on your website.  Additionally if you have a stock control system we can use this to speed up the process even further by cross checking the products you sell in-store with the products we have data for.

I would like you to build my retail website using StoreSeen.  How do I proceed?

If you would like to use our services all you need to do is contact us with your design requirements (we can guide you on this), and we will then talk you through the process.  It is not a complex process and our sales team will explain everything in plain english, not techno speak!

Once my site is finished how do I make changes to it?

The StoreSeen system allows you to login to a secure admin web page where you can alter almost anything on your site from the text on pages, to images and products.  You also have access to product data (images & text) from key suppliers to allow you to easily and quickly add more product to your site.

What support do you provide?

As a result of our unique cost structure we are committed to provide you with support at no additional cost.  We are here to help you achieve online success as it is within our interests that your site makes money, as this is how our company makes money.  We are also committed to continually improving our system and adding new features and functionality in order to stay up to date with the latest internet developments - this too is provided to you at no addtional cost.

What is a Payment Service Provider (PSP)?

A payment service provider, or PSP, allows you to take credit and debit card payments through your website. It connects your website to your merchant account and provides additional services such as fraud screening and reporting.  We will assist you with the setup of this.

Why do I need a PSP?

The PSP processes payments and provides a vital connection between your merchant bank account and your e-commerce website or other front-end application. Using a PSP in connection with a merchant account can be a much faster way to obtain collected revenues in comparison with third-party services which may hold onto your money for longer.