Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

28 Oct 2012

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment can be a major problem for some online retailers.

Lets take this as an example. You're already a successful online retailer - you have a website that converts brilliantly, it turns over a profit that you are happy with, but, you cant help but feel your website is a bit dated. Like a lot of people you decide to invest a little bit of money and have website revamp.

Now here's where it gets tricky, you've just spent £5,000 on your brand new ecommerce website, but its not converting like your old website used to? Why?

Well it could be anything from the change in style to the checkout - it could even be due to the online merchant you use, below is a list of issues that could be useful to consider when you plan big structural changes to your website, bear these points in mind, they could well save you from big losses in the future.

  • Don't force your users to register, this can be very off-putting for many shoppers and can lead to a drop in conversion rate. Instead, offer anyone visitng your site the option of a guest checkout.
  • Always clearly display a dedicated helpline number so if a customer is having problems with the checkout process, they can pick up the phone and speak to someone.
  • Display a progress indicator, whether you opt for a one page checkout or a multi staged checkout, the customer always likes a visual representation of where they are in the checkout process, failure to include this may lead to a cart abandonment.
  • Always give the client different payment options. PayPal and Google Shopping have become popular with online shoppers, they are massivley benificial to keeping that sale. Include them at all stages of the checkout for a hassle free checkout.
  • Website security is extremely important when you are trying to increase your conversions. We've all heard horror stories about people losing vast amounts of money shopping online, with the media rasing awareness of this people now tend to look for logos such as Verisign and Geotrust, these two are more high profile, however, most hosting companies will offer you an SSL Certificate at a very reasonable price.

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